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Our 2.5” aluminum pipe collar is 5/8″ thick and has a 1 3/8” ID hole to accept 1 5/16″ pipe for attaching to wood structures.  

**Installation, Safe Use and Maintenance Instructions**

IMPORTANT: To keep children safe from harm, follow these precautions and instructions when installing, using, or maintaining this playground equipment. You can also call us at 1-800-227-7529 for more information or see

Installation: Our parts are sold as either replacement parts or components of a set, unless you are buying our Metal Frame Set, therefore these parts need to be installed according to the sets installation instructions. If the installation instructions differ from ours please contact us at 800-227-7529. 

To attach to wood frame use #10 wood screws. These are not included. Screw two #10 screws into one side of wood side of frame.   Place pipe in collars and then on the other side screw collar into side of wood frame. Make sure level and then using a allen wrench tighten set screw so that pipe is tight.   Make sure that screws and pipe are in tightly.

Safe Use: This is for children 0-12 year olds only. Not for Adults.   Adults should supervise children at all times. Do not allow children to use unsafely. Do not allow it to be used if damaged.

Maintenance: At beginning and end of each play season and once a month during play season check for rust, loose screws, broken or splintered wood. Check that pipe is still tight in pipe collar. Replace parts as necessary.

Any damage from vandalism, abuse or misuse VOIDS all warranties.


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