Jensen Swing Warranty
CPSIA Third Party Testing Plan
ADA Are You Accessible 2012
ADA IPMEA Checklist 2012 Public Playground
ADA Jennswing Standards Met Letter
ADA Playground Accessibility
ADA Understanding the New Standards 2012
Ages for Swing Seats
Anchor-Assemble-Maintain your Equipment
ANSI Z535.1 Safety Colors
ASTM Standards Cheat Sheet
ASTM Safety Playground Checklist
ASTM F1487-11 New Standards November 2011
ASTM Certification
ASTM F1148 Home Use
ASTM F1148-09 Fig. A1.7 Min. Spacing Swinging Elements-Rides
ASTM F1148-09 Fig. A1.8 Gym Spacing Dimensions
ASTM F1148-09 Fig. A1.10 Bolt Ends Exempt from Requirements
ASTM F1148-09 Fig. A1.X Use Zones for Playground Set Up
ASTM F1148-09 Fig. X3.1 Use Zone for Single-Milti Axiz Swings
ASTM F1487 Public Use
ASTM Fig. 23 Table 7 Commercial Setup
ASTM F1487-11 Fig 23 Table 7 Parts Needed
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. 28 Use Zones for Composite Structure
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.15 Entanglement
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.19 Requirements for Fasting Devices
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.26 Height of Slide Exit and Bedway Length
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.27 Slide-Spiral Slide Clearance
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.28 To-Fro Swings
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.29 Rotating Multi Axis Swings
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.30 Ring Ladder
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.31 Min. Max Radii Noncircular Merry-Go–Round Platform
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.32 Use Zones for Stationary Equipment
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.33 Use Zone for Rotating Equipment
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.34 Use Zone To-Fro Swings
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.35 Use Zone To-Fro Swings T Swings with Open Seats
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.36 Use Zone To-Fro Fully Enclosed Swing Seat
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.37 Use Zone To-Fro T Swings Fully Enclosed Seats
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.38 Use Zone Rotating Swings
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.39 Use Zone Rocking-Spring Equipment
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.40 Use Zone Slides
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.41 Overlap Parallel of Diverging Slide Paths – Pass
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.42 Slide Exit Clearance
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.43 Overlap Converging Slide Parhs – Fail
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.44 Composite Play Structure
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.45 Placement of Equipment
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.46 Ramps For Wheelchair Use
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.47 Transfer Point-Return Wheelchair Accessible Platform
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.48 Min Wheelchair Clear Width
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.49 Wheelchair Accessible Platforms
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.50 Horizontal Rings-Ladder for Wheelchair Access
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.51 Load Distibution Devices
ASTM F1487-11 Fig. A1.52 Hanging Ring-Rung Dimenstional Details
ASTM F2373 Public Use
ASTM F2373-11 Fig. A1.25 Clearances for To-Fro Swings with Enclosed Seats
ASTM F2373-11 Fig. A1.26 Indoor Outdoor Use Zone To-Fro Swing with Pivot Pt Higher than 47 inches
C100 – C110 – C125 – C127 Chain Specs
C128 – C129 Chain Specs
C150 Chain Specs
Certificate of Compliance
Cold Weather Temperatures and Playground Safety
Difference between Tensile Breaking – Working Load
MSDS EPDM Rubber Handling
Federal Requirements Limiting Lead
IMPEMA Checklist for Access 2012
IPEMA Member 2014 – 2015
IPEMA Top 10 Safety Questions You Should Ask
Jensens Quality Control Measure Policy
Lead & Phthalates Guidlines
Light Use Frame Footprint
Light Use Frame Install Chain to Swing Hanger
Light Use Frame Part Inventory
Measure Angles of Entrapment
No Antimony Oxide in Products 2-12-09
No Latex in Products 3-19-08
No Latex in Products 9-16-03
NPCAI Playground Resource Directory
Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook
Pallets Heat Treated
Playgrounds and Slopes 10-14
Proper Maintenance Makes for Safer Playgrounds 2-12
Public Playground Safety Handbook
Roto-Molded Polyethylene Powder Make-Up
Schedule 40 Pipe Sizes
Scoop Slide Color Instructions
Spring Ride with Foot Rest
Spring Ride without Foot Rest
Stainless Steel Exemptions for Lead Testing 7-9-15
Steel Hardware Tool Steel
Swing Frame Above-Below Ground Dimensions
Swing Frame Color Choice and Parts List
Ten Things Every Park Supervisor Should Know
Tensile vs Pull Testing
The Scoop on Head Injuries 2014
Types of Steel and Properties
WARCO EPDM Spec Sheet 7-17-12
Weather and Surfacing 2012