About Us

History of Excellence

We, at Jensen Swing Products Inc., take pride in the products we sell. Founded in 1946, and now among the world’s largest wholesale suppliers of playground equipment, Jensen Swing has earned a reputation for innovation and excellence. Our products are engineered for safety and built to last.

Equipment Built to Last

All of our products are manufactured for us, using only the finest materials and finishes. Equipment exposed to harsh weather is galvanized by electroplating to resist rust. Fittings that move against or within each other are designed for easy maintenance or are self lubricating. You can depend on Jensen parts for years of enjoyment.

Safety for Children

To protect very young and handicapped children from possible accidents, we offer special options such as safety chains and short link chains. Both bucket seats and flat seats are available with steel inserts to deter vandalism. All products have been thoroughly field tested to ensure their safety and durability.

Product Guarantee

All of our products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for one full year from the date of invoice. Naturally, we cannot be responsible for damage resulting from vandalism, misuse, lack of maintenance or incorrect installation.

Your Suggestions Welcomed

With 45 years of experience, we are always looking for ways of improving our product line. Your ideas and suggestions are most welcome. Some of our best products were suggested by our customers, and implemented by Jensen Swing Products.

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