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About Us

History of Excellence

We, at Jensen Swing Products, take pride in the products we sell. Founded in 1946, and now among the world’s largest wholesale suppliers of playground equipment, Jensen Swing has earned a reputation for innovation and excellence. Our products are engineered for safety and built to last.

Equipment Built to Last

All of our products are manufactured for us, using only the finest materials and finishes. Equipment exposed to harsh weather is galvanized to reduce rust. Fittings that move against or within each other are designed for easy maintenance or are self lubricating. You can depend on parts made by Jensen Swing for years of enjoyment.

.Safety Features

We make our seats to the highest standards available. Many companies do not add some of our safety features because they are not able to be seen by the customer, and therefore it is not apparent why the added cost. However, we add these safety features because we feel that they greatly add to the strength of our swings and therefore the well being of the children that use our equipment.

There are several differences between our seats and competitors. Some are natural rubber, recycled rubber, have a thinner rubber, and/or thinner steel insert.

We use the highest quality rubber available.  Our EPDM rubber will resist fading and last for years to come.

Our one piece steel insert is not used in most other swing seats either. Making a one piece insert is much more expensive than tabbing an insert together because of the waste that is caused. However we feel that the strength of seat is greatly increased and warrants the expense.

Our seats have galvanized steel triangular brackets and galvanized steel plates that are riveted to the seat with galvanized rivets. We go to the added expense of welding each triangle together so that they cannot be pulled apart or pulled off the seat.

We feel that because children use our swing seats, it warrants the attention to detail and adding in as many safety features on our playground equipment that we can.

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