Our heavy-duty shackles are the perfect replacement for S-hooks and require our specialized wrench, the H175 (not included), to open and close, making it more difficult to remove by vandals. With an overall length of 3 5/16 inches and 3/8-inch diameter bolts, the shackle features a smaller opening of ½ inch and a larger opening of ¾ inch. Made of C45 forged steel, these shackles can be used multiple times, are easy to install, and are stronger than S-hooks. They are becoming increasingly popular in cities and parks, replacing S-hooks. Compatible with our swing hangers and chain, except the C128-C129, the shackle boasts a hardness of 212 HBS and the bolt is 176 HBS, with a long needle hardness of HRC29 and a short needle hardness of HRC31. This product is durable and should last up to 5 years in optimal conditions, and at least 2 years in harsh conditions. Please note that some conditions may require replacement sooner. The tensile strength of this shackle is 6800 lbs.

Parts List

1 – H Shackle

2 – Bolts

This is for children 0 – 12 years old only. Adults should supervise children at all times. Do not allow children to use unsafely. Do not allow it to be used if damaged.

Testing Information

H172 Lead 5-30-18

H172 Tensile 5-31-18

IMPORTANT: Please read for important information. In this material we have tried to provide some requirements stated in the CPSC Handbooks, ASTM F2373-11, F1487-11 and F1148-09. However, we in no way intend for this to be a complete list of requirements. Also these publications are updated frequently with changes therefore, you should read these publications yourself to determine if any part or installation could prove a danger to a child.

To help keep children safe from harm, review installation and maintenance instructions before installing equipment. These are located in the description of every product on our website.   Download and print these instructions and keep in a safe place. Our website also has a “Product Testing Information” page. All products are tested for lead, phthalates and tensile strength. You can also call us at 1-800-227-7529 for more information or see

Installation: Our parts are sold as either replacement parts or components of a set, unless you are buying our Metal Frame Set, therefore these parts need to be installed according to the sets installation instructions. If the installation instructions differ from ours please contact us at 800-227-7529.

Make sure you are using correct size of shackle. The shackle should not crimp material producing a wear spot on whatever material you are attaching to shackle. Unscrew both shackle bolts from one side of shackle body with H175 wrench. Place the large bolt through the widest opening present on one of the components you are attaching together. Place the smaller bolt through the narrowest opening present on the other component you are attaching together. Screw shackle bolt back into shackle body. Shackles can be used in various assemblies. Call us if you have any questions. Shackles should never be pulled at an angle because the capacity will be tremendously reduced. Centralize whatever is being attached on the bolt with suitable washers or spacers. Ensure the bolt is correctly screwed into the shackle eye with an H175 wrench. Check that the threads are fully engaged with the body, but not so tight that it causes the body to bend in or that the threads go past the body by more than two threads.

Maintenance: Do the following to reduce the chance of serious injuries. At beginning and end of each play season and once a month during play season, check for sharp edges and/or cracks in metal. Check for excessive wear.   Check for rust and to make sure bolt is still tight and not more than 10% worn. Replace parts as necessary for safety. The shackle bolt should never be replaced with a regular bolt. Maintain detailed inspection and maintenance records for public-use playground equipment.

Any damage from vandalism, abuse or misuse VOIDS all warranties.

Weight (lbs) 0.35
Dimensions (in) 6 × 4 × 1 in