The Nest Saucer Swing provides ample space for multiple children, supporting a maximum weight limit of 1300 pounds in both sitting and reclining positions. The swing has a 48-inch diameter and two swivel points, fitted with 5’11” suspension cords, of which a 19.5” segment consists of a stainless steel chain linked at the top.

Weighing a total of 82 lbs., the Nest Saucer Swing incorporates stainless steel fasteners, the H174, for attaching the swing securely to a swing frame. Due to the swing’s large size, it needs to be shipped via Freight/LTL.

For the purpose of minimizing lateral swing, it is critical to ensure that the chains connecting the Nest Saucer Swing to the frame form an outward angle of 15° or more. As supplied, the swing’s hangers would initially be set approximately 6’4″ apart on the swing frame; however, this distance would extend proportionately with the length of the attached chain.

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