Safety Features

 We believe that our seats are made to the highest standards available.  Many companies do not add some of our safety features because they are not able to be seen by the customer, and therefore it is not apparent why the added cost.   However, we add these safety features because we feel they greatly add to the strength of our swings and therefore the well being of the children that use our equipment.

 There are several differences between our seats and other swing seats.  Some are natural rubber and have a thinner rubber and/or thinner steel insert.  Most seats do not have a one piece steel insert. 

 Natural rubber is often recycled from tires etc, and you are never sure what the actual rubber mixture is.  It often wears off on children’s clothes, cracks and crazes making the seat unsightly and allowing moisture to get into the seat.  This makes the seat deteriorate at a much quicker rate.  Our seats are made of EPDM rubber that is made especially for our swings.  The rubber does not rub off on children’s clothes, and the seats last much longer than natural rubber swings.  This rubber holds up well in extreme temperatures, both very hot and very cold.  EPDM does not contain any phthalates or latex, making it a very safe material.

 Our one piece steel insert is not used in most other swing seats either.  Making a one piece insert is much more expensive than tabbing an insert together because of the waste that is caused.  However we feel that the strength of seat is greatly increased and warrants the expense.

 Our seats have galvanized steel triangular brackets and galvanized steel plates that are riveted to the seat with galvanized rivets.  We go to the added expense of welding each triangle together so that they cannot be pulled apart or pulled off the seat.  I believe our swings are one of the few that have welded triangles.  The connecting hardware is constructed of a triangle and plate. 

 We feel that the children that use our swing seats warrant the added safety features that our seats contain.  Also, because of the extra strength and durability, our seats add value because of the replacement cost of the products and labor to replace worn swing seats will greatly decrease.

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