An image showing dimensions of an s82.

This set is very heavy duty.  Each bay is designed for two children up to 12 years old, per ASTM and CPSC guidelines.  If installed according to installation instructions, our sets will more than meet these requirements.

Actual weight limits depend upon how the set is installed, the amount of concrete, the type of dirt in which the set is installed, how much use, etc.  Therefore, we do not state weight limits for our swing sets.

This frame is for an in ground 8’ high set with two Residential Swing Seats.   You will need to specify colors for the End Frame Fittings, Chains, and Swing Seats.  This product should last 2 years in harsh conditions and up to 5 years in optimal conditions. Some conditions may require replacement sooner.


Ladder, ¾” wrench, Ratchet socket wrench, Tape measure, H175 supplied Allen wrench for shackles, and 6mm Allen wrench for set screws. Stakes for marking holes. Shovel, Bricks, Gravel, Wheelbarrow for mixing concrete, Water, Concrete, Trowel, Level, Warning signs. Protective surfacing according to ASTM F1292 for a fall height of 8’.


EFF2 – 2 blue or green
S181 – 2 blue, green, red or yellow
SH114 – 4
C127 – 4 blue, green, red or yellow
H172 – 4
Pipe Legs A – B – 11’6″ – 4
H175 – 1
Top Rail 10’ – 1

MEASUREMENTS FOR SWING FRAME: See Resources page for “Swing Frame Above-Below Ground Dimensions”

The legs are 203” apart lengthwise at ground level. The legs are 93” wide at ground level. Below ground, the legs are 220” lengthwise and the width below ground is 115”. Height is 8’

This seat is for children 4-12 years old only. Not for Adults. Adults should supervise children at all times. Do not allow children to stand or kneel on seat or use unsafely. Do not allow swing to be used if damaged.  Do not use if wet. Instruct children not to wrap chains around top beam or twist chains. Tell children to watch for children and adults standing, walking or running close to moving swings and to stop swinging to avoid hitting them and causing injury. Tell children to hold chains tightly in each hand while swinging. Tell children not to get off swing until it has stopped completely.

IMPORTANT: To keep children safe from harm, follow these precautions and instructions when installing, using, or maintaining this playground equipment. You can also call us at 1-800-227-7529 for more information or see

Weight (lbs) 303
Dimensions (in) 142 × 20 × 20 in