The C131 is a 5-foot long coated chain in a bright and lively yellow plastisol coating that is perfect for brightening up any swing set. The chain is 3/16” thick, 4/0 AWG, and Grade 30, with links that are 1 5/8″ long and 3/4″ wide. You can pair this chain with any of our fasteners, and you’ll find that they fit perfectly. It’s important to note that playground-grade chain, such as ours, undergoes stringent quality control measures, unlike chains that are not bought from a playground manufacturer. These chains are known to contain weak links and air bubbles, which can compromise their safety. Our product is designed to last for up to 5 years in optimal conditions, and 2 years in harsh conditions. However, certain conditions may require replacement sooner. The chain is sold individually.


Colors: Yellow

Weight (lbs) 3
Dimensions (in) N/A